Being Blessed and being a Blessing to others

One of my earliest memories are of our Father sitting on the floor with us siblings all around, watching him mix by hand – for a Christmas cake to be sent to the local bakery as those were the days without the ovens and hand held beaters or the other amazing machines we see today for our help in the kitchen.

And as the cake and other Christmas goodies were made not only for the family but also to share among friends and community members, the quantity had to be large. Therefore being a Man and stronger as God made him, he took it on himself to mix the batter instead of his delicate and beautiful wife, our Mother.

As we grew up, it was wonderful to see on Sundays, the only day off for my Father who was away on tours or worked in the city from early mornings to coming back home late evenings – to willingly take the initiative to take on the kitchen – considered to be the domain of only a woman then, 50 years back. Yes, my Father was an accomplished cook and a Baptized Christian and one of the few who I know walked in ACTION to show his Faith.

The Bible was his faithful companion wherever he went to work and he loved the English language for he even then knew, it was going to be the language of the World. His other insistence was for us to know Mathematics and since the age of 5, I was taught the rudiments of basic Math and fractions always telling us that when we don’t know something we FEAR it……

This article is shared because this Man from a small village in South India could come to Bombay then (Mumbai ) at the tender age of 18 by the strength of the Bible to have a dream to educate his children in English. Working his way up, he also had some colleagues and their families who were Americans and he was very inspired by their cultured way of life and the Dignity bestowed on Women as equals. So learning from the Bible and these fellow beings from a Christian country, inspired him to DREAM of having his children go to the land of Dreams….

And two of them did…my brothers!! But the dreams turned Sour for one of them….and he is no more. My soul’s labor indeed is to SEEK from the Lord as to how these things could have happened in a fine Christian family – it has turned up answers that it is not enough that one is just taught the Bible at home. The children have to be taught to make it part of their everyday lives too wherever they go around in the world as the work demands so that HYPOCRISY does not creep in to make up for being – a Christian….Being ignorant maybe blissful but it lures one to be taken away from Jesus.

The Life of a Christian has to be lived out in the SMALL things of Life and for that we need to have to lead a vigilant and SEEKING Life – something which is possible for everyone for such is the Power of the HOLY Spirit….the GIFT of our Lord Jesus for everyone who seeks…to be able to then get up to WALK the TALK…



As Man is busy today more than ever before, in spite of all the time saving or energy saving devices which are being invented and brought forth, it is equally true that we are more busy today with one hardly having time to be aware of one’s journey through Life or SEEK WHO granted it or WHY this Life has been gifted to each one of us – different from each other on the surface but surprisingly with the same need for life giving oxygen or the life sustaining RED BLOOD.

Even more fascinating today after much research into the same is that if one delves further it turns out that even as the color of the Blood is the same or the lungs take in oxygen to process it the same way, every man has their own unique DNA code….so a seeking Mind has to inquire as to who has programmed and coded all these for us to make us unique and then has granted us a set of Rules to CONFORM our Actions to, in order for us to live and let live, to thrive.

Religion was a form of coming together in order to have some basic rules to respect to have an understanding with one another as also to know and acknowledge of a higher Power. The Bible is a fascinating study into the History of Mankind for thousands of years. Stories of Man and Woman and children who make up Humanity at all times and how they succumbed or overcame temptation to either build it up or be part of it’s destruction. In Christianity, we are called to SEEK and acknowledge the Gift of Life from the Almighty.

A humble and true Heart knows along the way of growth that he or she has indeed been granted this Life and so slowly takes baby steps to know and reach out for this Maker..even as we see a baby eventually learn to reach out his or hands for the Mother or all their loved ones in confidence and FAITH. And so equally true is the truth that some do not find it necessary to do so and that has to stem from being full and not have the need to know or learn anything more. Then any religion just becomes a set of routine rituals or practices at the designated times to be performed perfunctorily in order to be seen among community.

While in itself this may seem harmless, it is just not so. For even though we may think IGNORANCE is Bliss, it is not for then inevitably they drag humanity back making life that much more difficult for others in their quest to go forth to know more of the Maker and live a life that embraces all – for our Good and the Good of All as teaches Our Lord Jesus.

The organised Church instituted by the Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus has helped some share and teach the World in 2000 years, to make it more civilized and hospitable to so many. Here we have to always thank those who could READ the SIGNS of their times and sacrificed to help those who were wearying away from the Path – the Narrow Path.

Hypocrisy is an art of covering up for one’s shortcomings by appearing to be more than one is ….and it is always to subdue, subjugate or exploit others. For the Son of Man who had every Wisdom of the World granted to Him, bowed down low and on bended knees taught by example, to SERVE. If we who are baptized Christians cannot similarly bend our Hearts and our ego to subdue it, to follow Him in ACTIONS then we stand condemned and exposed – as a Hypocrite.

Lent is a great period to make some time to keep ourselves less busy to make some time to reflect within – to know the real ME and Us. Individually and collectively we can and should make the World a better place for our children, the next generation of workers in God’s Kingdom to fulfill His Plans of making GREAT NATIONS for us Humanity – with the Work of our hands using the Work of His hands – Nature, granted along with our lives for the Good of All. It is every human being’s right and duty to take care of the Bounty of Creation.




Sinners to Saints

Pope Francis – So, if we’re going to fast from anything this Lent, Francis suggests that even more than candy or alcohol, we fast from indifference towards others.

Archbishop Gomez: We Must Become Saints for Our Times.

It has been a journey of awareness that many among us who are Baptized do not really know the meaning of living out the Ten Commandments in – the daily small things of routine mundane life. But it is precisely these small things which become BIG when we view them in the perspective of Life granted from God.

In other Words, until we SEEK and become aware of a Greater Power beyond ourselves, our family, our community, our planet, our Universe… it is only then we realise our own microcospic lives which has such value as to be placed in this Universe and to be able to see, hear, taste, touch and be alive with a Magnificent Mind and Heart to think and feel with our senses – through the Gift of our Body.

Ash Wednesday – We Christians just received ASH on our forehead by the Priests. Men, Women, young, old….all being reminded of the Gift of Life for a certain period of time on this planet chosen by God for us to be born. ¬†And the inevitable – whether we are Good or could have or could do better….we all return to the dust. So what happens if we were Good or NOT? ¬†Surely that period of time when we inhabit our Body which takes us places on this Earth or use it to do GOOD or BAD makes a difference – who decides this ? Who gave us the Rules by which we will be Judged whether we lived upto it…or tried to live upto it?

It astounds me that many great Minds that could fathom or invent so many things which teaches us about be it Physics or mathematics that can accurately measure or calculate distances, orbits of celestial bodies, air, gravity etc. find it difficult to believe in a Creator who could make these abstract known to small organs called the BRAIN in which we have our intellect and Mind to function, to reason, to think … know this Maker who created everything in all it’s variety and beauty. It is love and sharing, giving and taking… and it is meant to make us similarly love and share with each other – to see and be Jesus for each other, for this Man Jesus gave Himself up to be with us ALL at all times through His Church here on Earth.

The birth of a baby and his or her journey from a Sinner to be a Saint is a possibility for all Humans if all Baptized Christians make it their Mission to be less indifferent and instead GET UP to pick up their Mats and WALK the TALK as instructed by Our Lord Jesus then or Our Pope Francis now….Let us pray then that this Lent we are able to make a difference to someone however big or small they maybe – to build up His Body on earth – the Church.

Duty to serve

If today I write after quite a gap, it is because duty beckons and we are taught to SERVE the Needy first before we go on for Worship.

And so even as we are grateful beyond words to the many efforts and prayers of total strangers in Chicago to assist and help our child heal – to live Life where she is now capable of getting back to Work, we know we are called to show our gratefulness in Actions – not just Words.

So to help our child be independent in many ways and to be able to help her be productive in the country which offered her the job, we parents and her sibling along with family who care, have to be there to serve her to keep up her spirits and assist in remaining Healthy every which way.

Along the way one also has other Needy members – in the family or in the community to be helped – to Grow. Growth is an essential part of Life. A stagnant heart and mind can be an enemy to Growth and so one has to LEARN. What is better than being given an opportunity to learn from the BEST – Our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

It has been my experience through the journey of this Life that He answers when we seek through, to reach out to Him, amidst our doubts, anguishes and pain through the many trials of this Life as we are onslaught with much information and misguidance by ” the louder voices” as observed by our Pope Francis.

People are lost when we do not know Jesus or His Teachings for our simple, routine mundane lives. God teaches us that He sees us as we deal with the ‘small things’ in our lives before He grants us more responsibilities.

How can we not believe that He sees…If He has created us with our such intricate DESIGN within – to be able to breathe, digest, see, hear and live as babies such as all of us came here on this earth, we can be truly grateful if we only SEEK as to why we are granted this Life, here on this planet together….Life is beautiful ….when we bend down to SERVE one another to BUILD His Kingdom here on earth before we aspire for the next …..with Him.